Hey name's Tabius .I really don't know why i made this tumblr.Ryan Gosling is my spirit animal. I love comic books, alternative music and well pretty much anything else. Well welcome to Never Never Land!
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James Dean photographed by Bob Willoughby on the set of Rebel Without a Cause, 1955
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Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class Joseph Jackson prepared a gift of special “Easter Eggs” for Adolph Hitler and the German Army.  Scrawling such messages on artillery shells in World War II was one way in which artillery soldiers could humorously express their dislike of the enemy. Easter, 1945
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I'm just an Insect
Trying to
get out of the night

I only stick with You
Because there
are no others

You're All i NEED

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— Pseudo-intellectual white dude who prefers to imagine that he’s more enlightened than feminists and also is uncomfortable with the thought that he’s part of the problem and also has a incorrect conception of feminism. (via brighterthanroses)

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